Our people

  • Russ Bubley

Dr Russ Bubley is the lead consultant working on social impact bonds and other innovative forms of social, humanitarian, and environmental finance for iforchange. He has 14 years of experience in the City, and is an expert in complex financial products and mathematical modelling. He has personally structured and executed over £20 billion of deals, has a deep understanding of both financial and mathematical issues, and is able to communicate these clearly and simply to the layperson. He has a keen insight into investor psychology and experience creating innovative products to meet the needs of different types of investors from large corporations to individuals.

Russ has been applying his financial services industry knowledge and experience to the problems of social impact investing, working with civil society organizations to help them to move forward their social investment strategies. Russ holds an award-winning PhD in computer science.

  • Amber Steele

Dr Amber Steele is a behavioural and social scientist and an expert in statistics. Amber received her PhD from the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge, and has extensive experience conducting mixed methods research. She has applied advanced statistical techniques to problems involving public health and clinical medicine. Her substantive areas of research include women’s mental health, with broader interests in examining the impact of intervention at ‘critical’ periods on outcomes over time. Amber’s most recent academic work includes applying advanced statistical methods to understand risks in early child development. More broadly, Amber believes that an improved public understanding of scientific outcomes in public health and medical research will lead to better decision-making and more evidence-based policy. At iforchange, Amber’s expertise is applied in helping to evaluate social service delivery, with a particular focus on questionnaire design and the design of statistically valid experiments – particularly in cases where randomised controlled trials are not viable, either for reasons of ethics or costs.

  • Ines Newman

Ines Newman has a background in local economic development and general policy issues and has extensive knowledge of local government issues gained through a long and varied career. She has worked for several London Boroughs and for Harlow District Council, and led the South East Economic Development Strategy (SEEDS) from 1992-1999. She was the principal advisor on economic development for the IDeA from 2007-2009. She was Head of Policy at the Local Government Information Unit from 1999–2007 and Principal Research Fellow, Local Government Centre, Warwick Business School from 2007–2012. She is the author of “Reclaiming Local Democracy: A Progressive Future for Local Government” (Policy Press, 2014).